Mrs McGinley's Strathspey

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Music: The Guardian of Early Printed Books


A 32 bar strathspey for three couples in a 4-couple set

1-8 1s & 2s set, dance Right Hands across, 1s cast to second place, 2s lead up to first place.
9-16 1s & 3s repeat, 1s ending in 3rd place.
17-20 1s lead up to top, cross over and cast to second place. 3s step down on bars 17 & 18.
21-24 1s dance half figure of eight round 2s. 1s finish facing down in 2nd place on own side.
25-32 2s, 1s and 3s dance mirror reels on side, all joining nearer hands with partners where possible. (1s in and down to begin; 3s out and up; 2s cast down.)

This dance was devised by John Gibson and the tune was composed by John Barnes to celebrate the Wedding of Helen Beaney and Jack McGinley on 16th November 2012. Helen is a member of Dublin Scottish Country Dance Club.

Download pdf file.

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