The Elephant's Stampede

Music: Nellie the Elephant


A 48 bar jig in a square set

1-8 All four couples circle 8 hands round and back
9-12 1st couple and 3rd couple advance into the centre of the set, join free hands with 2nd and 4th couple and retire to form a longwise set ending
4M 1L 1M 2L
4L 3M 3L 2M
13-16 All dance half reels of 4 on the sidelines ending
2L 1M 1L 4M
2M 3L 3M 4L
17-20 All dance half rights and lefts across the set ending
3L 2M 4L 3M
1M 2L 4M 1L
21-24 4L with 2M, 3L with 1M, 2L with 4M and 1L with 3M (i.e. end couples and middle couples) turn one and a half times with the right hand to reform the square set and to finish with lady on man's right ending
    4L 2M
1M        1L
3L        3M
    4M 2L
25-32 Ladies petronella on one place to next lady's place on the right and set; repeat to meet partner. (All have progressed one place to the right.) Ladies turn about on last setting step to finish facing out ending
    2L 2M
1M        3L
1L        3M
    4M 4L
33-48 All dance Schiehallion reels

Repeat from new positions.

By Gillian Mackintosh and Lorna Macdonald 1995 for Helen Bonar (now McGinley).
© Gillian Mackintosh & Lorna Smith (née Macdonald), August 1995
From the Aurora 10th Anniversary Book, with permission.

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