Dublin's Farewell to the Boodes

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Music: Dublin's Farewell to the Boodes


A 64 bar reel for four couples

1-8 1st & 2nd couples and 3rd & 4th couples dance right hands across and left hands back
9-16 1st & 4th couples, giving nearer hands to partner, advance towards each other. 1st man & 4th man take inside hands and set to 2nd man & 3rd man whilst 1st lady & 4th lady take inside hands and set to 2nd lady & 3rd lady then dance out through the sidelines and into other couple's place, 1st couple dancing in front of 4th couple, and set.
17-22 2nd couple cast up whilst 3rd couple cast off, meet at ends and set facing down or up, nearer hands joined, then 2nd & 3rd couples change places, 2nd couple making an arch and 3rd couple leading under it.
23-24 2nd couple set turning to face up, 3rd couple set (still in centre of set), 4th couple set advancing and turning to face up
25-32 Top three couples (i.e. 4th, 3rd, 2nd couple) dance allemande
33-40 2nd lady, 3rd man, 4th lady & 1st man dance reel of 4
41-48 2nd man, 3rd lady, 4th man & 1st lady dance reel of 4
49-56 All turn partner right hands half way and balance across the set, turn back to place and set on sidelines
57-64 All four couples dance eight hands round and back

Repeat from new positions

This dance was devised by Helen McGinley for Aad, Kaoru and Cathy Boode on their departure from Dublin in November 2004. The music was written by John Barnes.

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