Ten Commandments

Every society must have rules so that it runs smoothly. So hereunder are our Society's Ten Commandments for your consideration.

1. Thou shalt not leave yours brains under your pillow on dancing nights. Pack them with your shoes, you will need them.

2. Thou shalt arrive on time, wearing a smile if possible.

3. Thou shalt check carefully that your shoes are on the right feet.

4. Thou shalt dance every dance and with a different partner for each dance. Experienced dancers shalt try to dance with the inexperienced dancers as much as possible.

5. Thou shalt not start to dance before the music begins and thou shalt try to end the dance with the same partner with whom thou started.

6. Thou shalt listen carefully - the music will tell you.

7. Thou shalt not leave chocolate biscuit (or lipstick) on your mug, especially if Hazel is washing up.

8. Thou shalt go home only after a jig or a reel, not after a strathspey.

9. N.B. pensioners. Thou shalt not confuse the dance one is currently doing with the one that thou hast just danced.

10. Thou shalt not give pushes, except of course to the refreshment trolley.

And the most important Rule of all.

Thou shalt go home wearing an even wider smile than was worn on arrival.