The Blaven Strathspey

Music: John and Lily's Wedding


A 32 bar strathspey for three couples in a 4-couple set

1-4 1st couple dance in towards each other and cast off into 2nd place meeting in the centre of the dance facing down. 2nd couple step up on bars 3 & 4.
5-8 1st couple dance down between 3rd couple and cast up round 3rd couple to finish facing first corner.
9-16 1st couple dance half diagonal reel of four with 2nd man and 3rd lady, and passing left shoulder, dance half diagonal reel of four with 2nd lady and 3rd man, finishing in 2nd place on wrong side, man facing down, lady facing up.
17-20 1st couple dance half reel of three across the dance, 1st man going down and passing 2nd lady by right shoulder to begin, while 1st lady goes up and passes 3rd man by right shoulder to begin.
21-24 1st couple dance half reel of three on sides, 1st man passing 3rd man by left shoulder to begin, and 1st lady passing 2nd lady by left shoulder to begin. All finish on own sides in the order 2nd, 1st and 3rd couples.
25-32 2nd and 1st couples dance poussette.

Repeat from new positions.

Devised by John Gibson for the tune John and Lily's Wedding by John Barnes.

Download pdf file.

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