Forty Years Together

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Music: Forty Years Together; Mrs Jill Bonar; Mr Frank Roberts Bonar


A 4 x 40 bar strathspey for four couples

1-2 All set with hands joined on sidelines
3-4 1C & 4C set
5-8 1C curve in and cast off to 4 th place
4C lead up and curve out to top, facing out ready for:
9-16 4C with 2C, 3C with 1C dance double figure 8 (4C and 3C cast to begin)
17-24 4C with 2C, 3C with 1C dance right hands across and left hands back
25-28 4C with 2C, 3C with 1C set on sides and mirror link (i.e. ends cast as middles dance through centre of set to ends)
29-32 4C and 1C (now in centre of set) circle to L
33-40 All 4 couples circle 8 hands round to L and back

Finish in order 2, 4, 1, 3 and repeat from new positions.

The dance was devised by Helen McGinley to celebrate the Ruby Wedding Anniversary on 7th August 2005 of her parents, Jill Down and Frank Bonar, who first met through Scottish Country Dancing.

Music composed by John Barnes of the Dublin Scottish Country Dance Club.

Download pdf file.

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